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Talking bees with Settler Hives

June 18, 2019 2 Comments

As many of you know, we teamed up with Settler Hives for the release of our beautiful Rusty Patch Bumble Bee Pjs, giving away a packet of their glorious seeds with each bee pj order. Now, Hayley and Roger have been kind enough to chat to us about all things flowers and bees and some tips for the novice bee keeper............



Why bees, why honey, why seeds?

While we were living in Canada we were doing a lot of hiking and fly fishing... then arrived our baby doll Scarlett one beautiful autumn. We started wondering what our new ‘outdoors family life’ would look like, not being able to do the crazy steep mountain hikes and wading waist deep in ‘frostbite kind of temp’ water. So we decided we’d get into bee keeping. Yeah. Logical thought pattern we know. Roger has always been interested in bees, his poppy kept bees for most of his adult life. We knew there was a global phenomenon called ‘colony collapse disorder’ but didn’t really know the extent or cause and wanted to find out more. So we researched A LOT about bee keeping.    Roger has a major sweet tooth so the honey is a bonus. Back in Australia we were wondering how we could shape ‘settler’ so we can start working together as a family unit (instead of just an insta account that shares our rookie attempt at keeping bees with friends and family). One day on a road trip, it just landed. Hayley turned to me and blurted out ‘Seeds! For the bees’!!! She instantly started listing out all our labels, Wild Flowers, Edible Flowers, Natives, Flower Nectar. We can turn encouraging people to do it, into a brand that people love. Not just be together. But do something together




What is your favourite thing about Settler Hives and what you do?
We love creating a feel good product (for a essential purpose) that people love to look at and experience. And doing it together as a family unit. Right now Roger works full time and after Scarlett is in bed for the night we’re sitting at the kitchen table with our sometimes beers sometimes teas packing seeds together.
Where do we start if we want to keep bees but we are complete novices?
Get involved in a bee club. Important to know the basics as bees live in a fragile eco system that can spread plenty of different diseases. You want to prevent disease transmission from wild hives in your area and other people keeping bees. 
Plus sides of keeping bees? For us, and for the bees?
Flowers/food in our area get pollinated! Feel good factor. Breeding friendly calm bees that are a joy to work with.
Bee friendly things to do with kids?
Get outdoors. Let them ask questions and look at the answers together. Be bare foot, use your bare hands to touch the dirt and plant seeds (all you need is one pot to start)! Water together. Compost. Picking flowers and cucumbers together. Let them chop their own cucumbers for lunch. Visit your local bee keeper and be apart of the honey harvests, uncapping frames of honeycomb is fun. 
Thank you so much guys, for your words and your beautiful seeds! love picturing small hands planting them whilst wearing our bee pjs, all over the country xxx

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Josie Cramsie
Josie Cramsie

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