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Black Wattle Pencil Holder

Pencil hole size

Over the years of having two parents who both run their own small businesses, Finn (age 11) and Ollie (age 9) have heard a lot about the ups and downs of being self employed. This year, they decided they would like to try their hand at running their own small business by offering you some of the things they create on our small Sunshine Coast Farm. So, Finn & Ollie's Farm Shop was born. We look forward to adding more things to the boys shop as their creativity, imagination and skills grow!


These beautiful Black Wattle Pencil holders have been hand made by Finn & Ollie for your little ones favourite pencil colours to be constantly at hand. 

Made from Black Wattle from our farm (a beautiful big tree that fell in a storm last year), the boys have cut, drilled, sanded and waxed these pencil holders themselves. They decided on 10 pencil holes per piece so that little hands and minds do not get to overwhelmed by choice. The pencil holders come with two size hole options - 8mm holes for regular pencils and 12mm holes for larger pencils. 

Please note, each piece is made by hand and will vary with the nature of the wood and the nature of small hands creating. 


- Black wattle harvested sustainable from fallen timber

- Beeswax wood Polish

Approximate size:

- 5cm high

- 9-12cm diameter

 Thank you for supporting Finn & Ollie's first small business venture

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