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Kids Organic Cotton Summer Pyjama Set - "The Canopy" in Orchid (the super special never to be repeated upside down edition)!


This is a super limited edition "upside down" print of our canopy in Orchid. Never one to dwell on the negatives, we decided to turn this manufacturing hiccup into a "limited edition" instead! Ollie loves his pjs this way because when he wears them and looks down, they are the right way up for him! These pj sets are our regular wonderful, made in Australia, organic cotton pyjamas, they just have an upside down print. It might be on the front or it might be on the back and to be totally honest, it took me 6 days to spot it because of the beautiful intricate details of the rainforest where nothing really looks "the right way up" anyway!

Welcome to the Australian Tropical Rainforest, where plants, water and the sun work together in harmony to create a habitat for thousands of wondrous creatures. Can your children find the 6 different (upside down) animals hiding on their pjs?

Our summer pyjama sets are made in Australia using the softest GOTS certified Organic cotton. Our kids wear their pj's for about 14 hours every single day. That is half their lives spent in their pyjamas, so using material free from harmful chemicals is really important to us. Our pyjamas are the perfect mix of soft, stretchy and snuggly, and we pride ourselves on designing unisex prints that all kids love to wear!

  • GOTS Organic cotton (with 8% elastin to make sure it keeps its shape beautifully)
  • SIZING - Our short PJ sets are a fairly standard sizing. We have created our sizing, styles and fit in the hope that your kids will get two years out of their pjs - the first year a looser fit, the second year a slimmer fit. For specific measurements please refer to our size chart to help make your choice easier.
  • This product is 100% Australian made and our Under the Canopy prints designed for us by the amazing Victoria from The Scenic Route.

We are firm believers in transparent business and sharing our production costs with our customers. If you are interested in exactly how much it costs to make a pair of our organic cotton pyjamas here in Australia, head over to our blog post "The cost of Manufacturing Ethically in Australia". 

We have written this post because we like you to understand our journey and also because in this day and age of fast fashion, we like people to be able to see the true cost that comes with making things locally, ethically and organically. We feel as though the more businesses who show transparency in their production (particularly in the clothing industry), the more we start to question businesses who don't. The flow on of this as a consumer is, we start to look at pricing and quality in a different way and it makes us far more aware and conscious consumers. 

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