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About Us

Hi, I'm Kate, Its lovely to meet you........ 

In November 2011, as I first time Mumma two months into this oh so new, oh so wonderful, but oh so tiring journey,  I was feeling all of the feelings. I was in awe of this ability to create a life! I was exhausted and wondering "why did no one tell me it was this hard"? I was sleep deprived and finding myself constantly thinking "who am I now"? I had been a traveler for years. A serial uni student, an avid book reader, a regular market goer, a person with no "stuff". I had always been a creator, diy this, try my hand at that, kind of person, when all of a sudden, amidst the wonder of having this perfect little baby, I found I did not really recognise myself anymore. I felt lost. I felt as though my days revolved around getting a baby to sleep, and once that happened I would wait, on edge, to see how long it would last. In the midst of these first 3 months of change, I turned 30, and my partner gifted me my first sewing machine. Something to learn while the baby slept, something to give me a bit of me time and a life line for my sleep-deprived-stifled-by-feeding creative spirit.

So the Journey Began........

3 months later we moved our life to Western Australia. With no network, no friends and no family, the days passed looking after Finn, and getting back into creating. I guess I was always a mini business woman. When I was in primary school I used to go to the markets with my dad and help him on his native plant stall. In the week before the market I would spend my afternoons making jewelry and I would set up a little table at the front of my dads stall to sell my creations. Even with these early beginnings, I never thought running my own buis would be my path.

Slowly as I mastered my sewing machine, I started making things for Finn, and in the spirit of my early days as a market seller, I decided to try my hand at a having a stall at our local farmers market in South Fremantle, and my first business Pip'n'Pop came to life.

After 5 years of creating and growing that wonderful little business, including another baby boy along the way, and after a big move across the country to our small farm in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, I decided it was time for a change. The sewing had become too much, I had ideas,  plans, things I wanted the business to achieve, new directions I wanted to take. Things I could not do when I was chained to the sewing machine all day and night. I wanted to get to a place that combined all that I love and believe in - kids wear, organic cotton, nature, teaching our children about the world around us. All of a sudden I had this desire to shift from making clothes to making pyjamas. I didn't want them to just look good, I wanted them to mean something. So Gather & Moss was born.  

The evolution of the Journey........

In a world where kids clothes are often made by other kids. Or made by their parents for some of the world’s worst wages. So bad that it is impossible for those parents to send their children to school or to house and nourish them properly. I really want to do things differently. I just knew that when I snuggle my kids up after their bath and put them in their pyjamas, I didn’t want those pyjamas to have been made at the expense of someone else’s children and I was pretty sure there were a lot of other mummas out there that felt that way too. 

I hate the thought of clothes that are such poor quality that after one season they will go into landfill like the billions of other items of clothes around the globe each year. I want my children to be able to hand their things down to their siblings and their cousins so they get year after year after year of wear.

I didn't want my kids pyjamas to be made using cotton that has been sprayed so heavily with insecticides that it makes up 16% of global insecticide use.

I didn't want them to be covered in stereotypical sparkly unicorns for girls and dinosaurs for boys. I wanted the prints on their pj’s to be unique and to mean something.

So, I decided to make Organic cotton kids Pyjamas. Designed and made ethically in Australia, I wanted them to be excellent quality garments that can be passed down from child to child. I wanted our unique prints to feature some of the world’s most endangered animals and I wanted to design a set of flash cards to send out with every pair of pj's so your little ones can learn about the animals they are “wearing”.

I just wanted to do things differently. So far it has not been easy, but I am learning as I go and after all, I guess sometimes, that is the point! I love teaching kids about the places and animals that we share our world with through something as simple as their pyjamas, and I love that along the way, I am learning a lot of things myself xx