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Flash Cards

Each of our garments is accompanied by a set of flash cards which help you talk to your child about the endangered animal that appears on their Gather & Moss clothing. The cards look at the appearance of the animal, where in the world it can be found and what it likes to eat.

While there are many huge problems and issues in the world which are far too big for any child to have to worry about, we do still need to make our children aware of concepts such as looking after the environment, their world and the many wonderful creatures we share it with. Our clothing designs and our flash cards are about getting this conversation started with our children in a simple way. Awareness and understanding is the first part of raising children who are resilient, inventive, interested, delighted and caring about the world around them. 

If you love your Gather & Moss pieces and choose to grow your collection of pieces we also think our cards make fantastic matching games as your kids get a bit older!