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Sun Printing Instructions

So you have received your pjs and discovered a sun print kit in your parcel but you don't know how it works? Read on to learn how you and your child can experiment with the sun, water and leaves (or other objects) working together to create magic, just like they do in the rainforest! If you are looking for inspiration, check out @natureprintpaper on Instagram. 

Once you have finished your works or art, you can use them in so many beautiful ways. We love to put ours in frames, stick them to cardboard to make gift cards, cut them out and hang them from a stick to create a mobile. Use a needle and embroidery thread to stitch over your patterns. Your imagination is the limit!

How it Works

1.     Pick an Object

Select FLAT objects you wish to print--weeds, leaves, keys, string, lace, a sliced shell, buttons, cutouts, paperclips, a black and white negative, etc...

2.     Add Support and lay down Objects

Remove a sheet of paper. Pin at corners (blue side up) to a piece of corrugated cardboard for support.


3.     Expose to the Sun

Expose to sun until blue paper turns very pale blue--about 2 minutes. Times will vary; do not overexpose.


4.     Soak and Enjoy!

After removing objects from paper, protect print from direct sun and soak in a container of plain water for about 1 minute. Dry flat. Image will sharpen during drying time. When dry, flatten under a heavy book.