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Transparent Business

If you are familiar with the Gather & Moss story you will be well aware that we believe in transparent business. While I understand that many businesses do not like to divulge information because of competition and maintaining their suppliers and manufacturers etc, I think that we can have a level of transparency without divulging all of our secrets!

As a business owner, having a full understanding of how my products are made means I can be constantly looking at ways to improve. It means I am confident in my products and how they are made. Sharing these processes with you means I am confident enough in our product and our processes that i am happy to share 

It allows customers to see inside the brand, to know that things happen to a standard that they find acceptable and in many cases it allow them to understand why there is such variation in the prices we can pay for seemingly similar products. 

A while back we laid out a lot of information about our transpare