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A Year of Birdsong

Each season we delight in choosing some beautiful books and activities to match in with our new PJ prints. Tending towards the educational, just like our PJ's, we love the things we choose to teach your children about different aspects of this beautiful wide world that we live in!

A beautiful book for older children and for adults, one of the world's leading bird experts and writers Dominic Couzens takes you on a journey around the world to listen to 52 amazing birdsongs, one for every week of the year. From the Nightingale's song that has inspired the finest poetry to the mating song of the Lyrebird in Australia. All aspects of birdsong are covered, from why birds sing and bird behaviour to the musicality of the notes, from birdsong in art to the the power of birdsong in bird communication.

Each of these fascinating stories are accompanied by stunning illustrations by award-winning artist Madeleine Floyd and a QR code to let you listen to the actual birdsong while you read.

One for the older readers or perfect for younger children to look, read and listen to with your help at bedtime.

  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • 16cm x 22cm

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