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Nocturnal Nature Journal

Our nocturnal nature journals are the perfect place for your child to begin learning about how to observe and record what they see in the natural world around them.

Learning to quietly sit, to watch, to observe and to keep a record of what we see in nature, is one of the most valuable skills we can teach our children. In this day and age of busy lives and technology, it is a skill so often not learnt, but as with many of the best life skills, the more we practice it, the more these habits are instilled in us.  

Themed around our Australian bush by night, each journal contains 20 pages including informative pages about some of our nocturnal creatures, blank pages for recording your child's own observations and a full months moon chart where you and your child can sketch the moon each night to understand how it changes over the course of the month.

The beauty of a nature journal is, that it teaches a child that  nature can be found in many places. A simple backyard or park allows us to look closely at the wonders around us and to understand that nature can come in so many shapes and sizes. 



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